Flash Friday Writing Challenge No. 2

Last week, I posted my first Flash Friday Writing Challenge, which explained that every week, I’ll share an image, a song, a piece of media or non-media, or really anything to stoke your fire. Incorporate my source material in a piece of flash fiction you write, use it as a way to get you thinking or blatantly rip it apart in your piece. Whatever it can do to help you, I’m excited to be a part of your flash fiction writing.

If you’d like to share what you write, use the hashtag #FlashFridayFic to join the general Friday flash fiction crowd, and please feel free to share it with me, too. My Twitter handle is @SusanRicker.

This week’s source material for Flash Friday Writing Challenge No. 2 is…  Continue reading

New ‘Technology & Resources’ page

It’s been exciting to see so much news coverage and attention covering the conversation on net neutrality, and Monday showed huge progress when President Obama entered the conversation. A real confrontation between corporations, politicians and the people is happening. Voices are being made heard, and there are plenty of people to hear from in this fight.

And this is one of many issues that needs national address.

To help understand the conversation that’s taking place, and also share valuable resources and initiatives, I’ve put together a continually evolving page for readers: Technology & Resources. There, I set the tone for the questions we need to be asking, as well as the organizations and people who are involved in the evolution of information technology.  Continue reading

Flash Friday Writing Challenge No. 1

Flash fiction is a real interest of mine. It’s a snapshot of something, a glimpse of an event, a glance at circumstances. It’s more experimental than traditional-length short stories and challenges you to use the format within your own writing. Don’t look at the length as an obstacle, look at it as a window.

I want to know what you see through a specific window each Friday, and will be offering pitches and muse-like inspirations to help you bang out a great piece of flash fiction. Continue reading