Our personal relics

A recent Elle article highlights personal style stories from a variety of celebs, and my favorite, by and far, is a sharp piece of sartorial wit from Orange is the New Black‘s Natasha Lyonne:

“Not 48 hours ago, I misplaced—I’m not willing to accept yet that it’s lost—my Helmut Lang blazer. I may have left it at Marc Jacobs when I went to borrow an outfit to wear on a talk show; it may be abandoned in a sushi restaurant. I’ve had this thing maybe seven years? I have a lot of blazers. None of them are this blazer: black, like all my favorite articles of clothing; thin enough to fit under a coat; roomy enough that you could put a nice cashmere cardigan under it.

“I’ve definitely had some tragedy in my life. And the truth is that that blazer got me through a lot of tough times. You know what I mean? I walked out of sticky situations where I was like, ‘Oh wow, this really isn’t going to work out,’ or ‘Wow, I’m really not going to get that job,’ or ‘Wow, I missed that flight.’ And I really felt bad about myself. Then, though, I’d be like, ‘But man, I got this blazer, so I guess I’m doing all right.’

“I’m not big on wearing purses, because I feel like it’s additional baggage. With my blazer, I was covered, pocket-wise. And now things are a little more complicated in my life, but I guess I’ll have to adjust. It’s important to keep these things in perspective. In life, there’s loss, and then there are blazers. Really, what are clothes? We’re born naked and we die naked. I don’t want to get too heavy about it—I mean, I was going to be buried in that blazer, but I guess now I’ll just get cremated or something. The open-casket ship has sailed.”

Check out the original post from Elle.com.