New ‘Technology & Resources’ page

It’s been exciting to see so much news coverage and attention covering the conversation on net neutrality, and Monday showed huge progress when President Obama entered the conversation. A real confrontation between corporations, politicians and the people is happening. Voices are being made heard, and there are plenty of people to hear from in this fight.

And this is one of many issues that needs national address.

To help understand the conversation that’s taking place, and also share valuable resources and initiatives, I’ve put together a continually evolving page for readers: Technology & Resources. There, I set the tone for the questions we need to be asking, as well as the organizations and people who are involved in the evolution of information technology. 

So why should you get involved in the conversation? Think about how you’d answer questions like:

  • How do privacy and convenience interact online?
  • How can the Internet change our education?
  • Does certain content on the Internet deserve/warrant censorship?
  • Should some people be able to pay for better quality Internet/access?
  • How much authority should the government have over monitoring Internet and library activity?
  • How can as much information as possible be free and creators still receive compensation for their work?

There’s a lot to talk about, and we’re only just getting started.

I’m really looking forward to updating the page regularly with additional information and options to protect your safety online and access to the Internet. If you have a suggestion, shout out to me on Twitter and tell me who I’ve got to check out. We all deserve a say in how our Internet grows!