Flash Friday Writing Challenge No. 2

Last week, I posted my first Flash Friday Writing Challenge, which explained that every week, I’ll share an image, a song, a piece of media or non-media, or really anything to stoke your fire. Incorporate my source material in a piece of flash fiction you write, use it as a way to get you thinking or blatantly rip it apart in your piece. Whatever it can do to help you, I’m excited to be a part of your flash fiction writing.

If you’d like to share what you write, use the hashtag #FlashFridayFic to join the general Friday flash fiction crowd, and please feel free to share it with me, too. My Twitter handle is @SusanRicker.

This week’s source material for Flash Friday Writing Challenge No. 2 is… 

Deofrith, 2001.
Angela Singer

Angela Singer