2016 Organization and Graphic Identity Rebranding Project

During my time at System Wide Automated Network (SWAN), a library consortium in Illinois, I led a rebranding effort for the entire organization, which was completed in 2016. Some of the outcomes of this rebranding project were:

New organization identity

The consortium of 78 library members was often referred to as “SWAN” or “System” by those who interacted with it; however, to the outside public, it would appear online as “System Wide Automated Network.” In an effort to introduce the organization to the public, as well as educate and describe what we did (and clarify that we were not an actual library), the rebranding effort led to a new organization identity of “SWAN Library Services” on an all marketing materials and official communications.

New graphic image logo and typography, colors

SWAN Library Services transparent background

SWAN Style Guide Materials

SWAN Style Guide

New public website: https://www.swanlibraries.net/

While SWAN had an existing website for member library staff to use for resources and news, there was a need for a public-facing website that simply explained what SWAN was and what our organization did.



New membership newsletter and email marketing campaigns

A regularly occurring newsletter was created to recap all the recent news SWAN wanted its members to know, as well as publicize upcoming events and announcements. This newsletter was named “SWANpond” to distinguish it from other email lists we had, and create the image of a swan community’s gathering place. To view the full newsletter, click here: “Welcome to the SWANpond”; a sample is included below.

SWANpond email example
Email newsletter introducing SWAN’s new email list

New PR strategies, including special appearances by our large inflatable swans (which can also be borrowed or “checked out” by member libraries; we also have used the large inflatables for giveaways and prizes).