4.9 million more female workers in America’s workforce since 2011

A recent CareerBuilder special report explores how an increasingly diverse population is affecting the composition of nearly 800 occupations by gender, age and race/ethnicity. Among key findings, data shows that there are more women in the workforce today than at any point in U.S. history. But a deeper look reveals how those job trends are affecting the pay gap between genders, and what hiring managers can do about it.

Check out my article for CareerBuilder, 4.9 million more female workers in America’s workforce since 2011.

An American’s Mentality, Pt. 1

We have to be…because we’ve always been–right? Ever since we flippantly threw tea in the harbor, handed out infected blankets, chained up manpower and sold it, declared our freedom, declared most people’s freedom, declared freedom for the world…

It just sort of happened. Like winding up out West, we got wrapped up in ourselves, headed off on a journey of self-discovery that we masqueraded as manifest destiny, and found ourselves out at sea. Then in the jungles. And suddenly we were in the desert. It just sort of happened.  Continue reading